Brenna Leaver • RISD BFA Industrial Design ‘19

Brenna Leaver is a multidisciplinary artist and creature creator specializing in costume design, furniture, wood + metalworking, and jewelry + metalsmithing. This skillset crosses over cinematically into animation, and narrative performance.

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Madge, Space Chicken, 9’        @madgeok

Spur Ring, Sheet Silver + Brass

Shave My Beard, Seacucumber Cowboy, 8’
*film coming soon*

Plush Pet Peeves, ~1’x1’
Includes: Chewing noises, slow walkers, mild nausea

M0, Robot Farmer. Made for NYU thesis film directed by Julian Alvarez
*film coming soon*

Upholstered chair, Steel frame + cherry arms and legs
Steel Stool, Walnut + upholstered seat

Weird Guy/Mustache Necklace, a self portrait, silver wire.

Shave My Beard Zoetrope, 12”

Knob, Insect relative of Madge-commision for Big Nazo, 9’

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